Flutter is an open source framework for programming. Flutter was developed by Google and released Flutter 1.0 on December 4, 2018. Flutter uses the dart language.

Here are some of the advantages of flutter:

Multi Platform

Flutter can build a variety of platforms such as Android mobile applications, IOS, websites and desktops. Only based on one programming code only. Flutter will automatically adjust the programming code for the platform used. Of course this will save a lot of time. When compared to building code one by one for different platforms, it will definitely take a lot of time

Fast Development (Hot Reload)

It’s not the same as the old method where you have to compile the code first so you can see the application running. The compiling process also takes quite a long time.

But not if we use flutter, it doesn’t take long, when there is a code change, we can immediately see changes in the application that is on the emulator engine.


Designing applications with Flutter will be easier and faster, because in Flutter there are many different kinds of widgets available for programming purposes.

Programmers don’t have to bother and take a long time to make programming codes anymore. Interestingly, the widgets in Flutter can be customized as you wish. So you can create unique and beautiful applications.

Interested in making an application with Flutter? Here’s a tutorial on how to install Flutter on Windows 10